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Welcome: Bienvenue

Welcome to
Violette Bakehouse

In Austin TEXAS

A place where your dream cakes come true!

Our mission is to create unique, beautiful, and delicious cakes and pastries to be served at parties in Austin and around. We focus on quality and customization. We are generous and we are here to celebrate!

Imagine a world where you could choose any flavor you want and any design you want for your birthday cake or baby shower cake or wedding cake or any other kind of event you could think of.

Stop dreaming, we will make it happen for you!

Not feeling inspired? No worries, we have a selection of cakes and designs you can choose from.

All our baked goods are made from scratch,

with fresh ingredients and love!

NO box mix, NO freezer!

Besides our fully customizable cakes, we also offer fully customizable cupcakes and pastries such as tarts, macarons, creams puffs, croissants and of course our famous BRONUT!

What's a Bronut? It's a hybrid between a donut and a brownie, it's actually a brownie inside a donut! We all know you got to try it!!

Feel free to reach out to us, we will be happy to meet and chat with you all!


Have a great day,

Stephanie, CEO and Cake Artist at Violette Bakehouse

French Pastry Chef since 2009

Welcome: Texte
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