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About Us

Our mission

Welcome to Violette Bakehouse LLC, where we are absolutely thrilled to bake and create amazing food for you!

Our upscale bakery offers a wide selection of mouthwatering exquisite cakes and pastries for both regular and special occasions. We also serve breakfast pastries, lunch options, and a variety of coffees and teas.

Our team is driven by the love of baking and celebrating, and we use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients to create our unique all made from scratch.

We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and connecting with our customers, and we can't wait to welcome you to our warm and inviting atmosphere.


Come and experience the best cakes and pastries with a French flair at Violette Bakehouse!

coffee cup with croissant on a table, with flowers and a eiffel tower in the

Our Story

Violette Bakehouse LLC is led by Stephanie Dmytryk who has been in the bakery business for 14 years.


Stephanie Dmytryk began her professional career in France in 2009, where she received formal training from the best pastry chefs and graduated with honors in pastry and advanced pastry. She also earned an associate degree in management and accounting.


After relocating to San Francisco in 2014, she worked in upscale bakeries (Michael Recchiuti, Chantal Guillon, Starter Bakery) and restaurants (Wayfare Tavern, Farallon). Fusing her French training with the American culinary mindset she develops her style and skills. She started out as a pastry cook and quickly rose to the positions of, pastry sous-chef, and pastry chef.  She managed the kitchen and staff and gained experience and skills in creating excellent pastries, cakes, wedding cakes, and desserts all along this time.


In 2022, she moved to Austin and established "Violette Bakehouse" an online specialty cakes and pastry shop with a focus on exquisite cakes made to order for social and business events. By continuously exploring innovative pastry techniques and latest cake trends, Stephanie Dmytryk keeps on expanding her repertoire of baking expertise.

Due to the success of the home-based business, we are pleased to announce the forthcoming opening of Violette Bakhouse LLC's storefront in the summer of 2024. Our establishment will offer a delectable selection of French cakes and pastries, complemented by a range of lunch options, coffee, and other refreshments. We look forward to sharing our passion for baking with you and extending a warm welcome to our valued patrons.

coffee cup with croissant on a table, with flowers and a eiffel tower in the
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