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About Us


Our Mission

At Violette Bakehouse,

we offer a wide range of delicious and beautiful custom cakes

for all your events so there is no doubt that

your guests will be blown away.

They will be treated to the most creative flavors and designs

by our experts.


Our mission is to create delicious unique

cakes and pastries to be served at parties in Austin (and around.)

We are here to Celebrate!

We work with fresh quality ingredients and everything is made from scratch using our unique recipes.

We spent hours developing our recipes to ensure that you will get the best cake out there. And you deserve it!

We want to offer you cakes and pastries at their finest, with the french touch of course! Because yes, we are french.

We are also frequently volunteering in the Bake A Wish Austin Association where we bake cakes for children in need, seniors, and adults with disabilities. Everyone deserves a Birthday Cake!

Our Story


I am Stephanie, Founder and Pastry chef at Violette Bakehouse!

Nice to meet you!

I started my baking career in France in 2009.

Aside from receiving two diplomas in French pastry,

I have 13 years of experience

in upscale restaurants and bakeries

across the country and abroad. 

I am passionate about baking because it regroups two things that I love, chemistry and making people happy.

What's better than seeing a big smile on everybody's face while they are enjoying a piece of a cake you made?

-Probably eating the cake itself, Ahah!-

Let my expertise creates your cake today!

A bientôt! (see you soon)

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